The 19th Jeju Forum for Peace and Prosperity “Acting Together for a Better World”

May 29–31, 2024
Jeju, Republic of Korea

The 19th Jeju Forum is scheduled to take place from May 29 to 31, 2024, themed "Acting Together for a Better World."
The forum aims to strengthen global cooperation to address various crises of the international community and provide a platform for substantive discussions.

In 2024, the international community is facing global waves of competition and confrontation in an unstable geopolitical environment, including the strategic competition between the United States and China, the Russia-Ukraine war, the Israel-Hamas war, and the tension in the Taiwan Strait. Consequently, the international community recognizes a serious deficiency of cooperation to address the increasing geopolitical tensions, economic uncertainties, climate and environmental crises, and complex non-traditional security challenges that transcend borders.

To effectively respond to these global challenges and strive for a better world, substantial efforts to vitalize international cooperation are urgently needed. Accordingly, this year's Jeju Forum aims to explore practical strategies to foster a more peaceful and prosperous world, under the tentative theme of "Acting Together for a Better World." The 19th Jeju Forum will emphasize collaboration and solidarity in the fields of 'diplomacy and security,''economy and business,''climate change and environment,' and 'women, culture, and education,' bringing together leaders, intellectuals, politicians, and industrial executives around the world to engage in in-depth discussions on concrete collaborative measures.

The discussions at the Jeju Forum will go beyond merely reflecting on the current crisis situations, aiming to share diverse solutions and innovative strategies. It is anticipated that the debates during this forum will serve as a catalyst contributing to the crucial restoration of international cooperation.