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  • Qichen QIAN
    Former Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of China
    첸지첸 전 중국 부총리
    Keynote during the Opening Ceremony, 2005
    (제3회 포럼 기조연설中)
    Changes are taking place around the world, including Northeast Asia. This region of strategic importance is growing in economic aggregate, with its political and economic standing in the Asia-Pacific and the world constantly on the rise.
  • KIM Dae-jung
    President of the Republic of Korea
    김대중 대통령
    Keynote during the Opening Ceremony, 2001
    (제1회 포럼 기조연설中)
    The Sunshine Policy is a truly exhausting venture. We need courage and patience. We need sincerity and wisdom. We must successfully overcome virtually endless challenges. But I am sure that out Sunshine Policy is a historical necessity.
  • George H. W. BUSH
    Former President of the United States
    조지 H.W. 부시 전 미국 대통령
    Video Messages, 2001
    (제1회 포럼 영상메세지中)
    Much remains to be done before the remnants of Cold War divisions are completely removed from the Korean Peninsula. Achievement of this objective will require the full cooperation of all countries in Northeast Asian region, and of the United States as well.
  • NAKASONE Yasuhiro
    Former Prime Minister of Japan
    나카소네 야스히로 전 일본 총리
    Video Messages, 2001
    (제1회 포럼 영상메세지中)
    The stability and prosperity of China, Korea, and Japan in Northeast Asia greatly affect not only Southeast Asia, but also the entire Asia Pacific region. Therefore, even in
    regard to Korea-Japan relations, such recognition is used as a basis of our country’s foreign policy in sustaining friendship and cooperation.
  • ROH Tae Woo
    Former President of the Republic of Korea
    노태우 전 대통령
    Video Messages, 2001
    (제1회 포럼 영상메세지中)
    A unified Korea will also play an active role in Northeast Asia’s economic development. With the vast natural resources in northwest China, Mongolia, and Siberia, and the human resources, capital, technology, and management skills of southeast China, Korea, Japan and the United States, the potential is endless.
  • Mikhail Sergeyevich GORBACHEV
    Former President of the USSR
    미하일 고르바초프 전 소련 대통령
    Video Messages, 2001
    (제1회 포럼 영상메세지中)
    The establishment of diplomatic relations between our countries also had an important international response. It assisted the invigoration and improvement of the situation on the Korea Peninsula, and in the North-East Asia in general, as well as substantially influencing the international climate as a whole.
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