11:00 ~ 12:30
해양을 통한 아시아 평화의 재정립
Reengineering Peace for Asia through the Ocean
[Society of Ieodo Research 이어도연구회]

The importance of regional trade of the Republic of Korea, China and Japan is showing an overall increase and if the CJK FTA under negotiation is reached, there is likely to be ranked the world’s third-largest regional integrated market, accounting for approximately 20% of world GDP. In this session of 2018, we will designate test bed of the growth center and discuss the cooperation plan with China (Tianjin, Dalian, Qingdao) and
Japan (Fukuoka and Tokyo), which are the centers of economic cooperation of Korea, China and Japan discussed at the 2017 Jeju Forum. Thus, we will search for a win-win cooperative plan that will reinforce the export of each country and the competitiveness of the growth center by revitalizing the trade and investment among the three countries, expanding the network of industrial product and service providers or businesses supply
chain, and promoting logistics collaboration linked with e-commerce platform.

동아시아에서 해양영토를 둘러싼 분쟁이 치열하다. 동중국해와 남중국해에서의 평화 없이 아시아의 평화는 가능하지 않을지도 모른다. 해양에서의 국익과 패권 경쟁이 치열해질수록 동아시아의 불안정성을 높아질 수밖에 없다. 동중국해와 남중국해에서 벌어지는 해양영토분쟁을 역사적 과학적으로 분석하고, 동아시아 해양에서의 협력과 평화를 위한 한국의 역할을 조망한다.

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KIM Seong Jin

KIM Youngjoon

LEE Ji-yong

PARK Yong-ahn

KIM Hyun-soo

CHUNG Jae-hung