The 6th Jeju Forum evaluated the challenges and opportunities the rise of China and the reunification of the Korean peninsula will offer. The Forum also took note of the great potential of new growth on the basis of the Asian entrepreneurship. With this background, various programs on Korea-China economic cooperation are prepared. The contents of new standard and its perspectives were reviewed. New growth potential, creative industry, new leadership, the future of education and the role of women were also addressed. Peace and common prosperity on the Korean peninsula and East Asia through the promotion of mutual understanding was discussed. The cultural exchanges and fusion in East Asia was reviewed and we evaluated how it is promoting the sense of community among the Asian peoples. Various issues of peace in East Asia such as the resolution of the North Korean nuclear problem, historical reconciliation and maritime security are among the topics. The recent natural disaster of Japan was reviewed and among the related topics are how to deal with the climate change and natural disasters.

Host: Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, International Peace Foundation, East Asia Foundation, JoongAng Ilbo 
Organizer: Jeju Peace Institute 
14:00 ~ 15:10
[1-B] International Cooperation for Peaceful and Ecological Conservation and Utilization of the DMZ
DMZ 평화ㆍ생태적 이용ㆍ보존을 위한 국제협력
Crystal Hall B
LEE, Choon-ho (Chairman/Chairman, DMZ United)

Main Speaker
KIM, Kwi-gon (Chairman/Emeritus Professor, Seoul National University)

MOON, Seong-mook (Director, Inter-Korean Affairs/Former Head Representative Inter-Korean Working-Level Military Meetings)
SON, Gi-woong (Secretary General/Director, Korea Border Forum)
LEE, Jae-seung (Director, International Affairs/Professor, Korea University)
HAHM, Kwang-bok (Director, National Affairs/Director General, Korea DMZ Research Center)

이춘호(코리아DMZ협의회 상임대표/DMZ미래연합 상임대표)

김귀곤(코리아DMZ협의회 상임대표/서울대학교 명예교수)

문성묵(코리아DMZ협의회 남북분과위원 원장/전 남북군사실무 회담 수석대표)
손기웅(코리아DMZ협의회 사무처처장/코리아접경포럼 대표)
이재승(코리아DMZ협의회 국제분과위원 원장/고려대학교 교수)
함광복(코리아DMZ협의회 국내분과위원 원장/한국DMZ연구소 소장)

In the Jeju Forum 2011, the Korea DMZ Council convenes a forum for debate on the theme of “International Cooperation for Peaceful and Ecological Conservation and Utilization of the DMZ”. The DMZ is an area where mutual interests of the North and South Korea are
inevitably intertwined politically, militarily, economically, environmentally, culturally and in all other realms of interests. Therefore, establishing exchanges and cooperation in the DMZ embodies a significant meaning that could trigger ripple effect for exchanges and cooperation as well as reunification to ensue over the whole peninsula. Through this forum, the Korea DMZ council hopes to reassess the intrinsic value of the DMZ which is recognized exclusively as a symbol of division and separation and furthermore to discuss on employing the DMZ in building peace settlements on the Korean peninsula and promoting mutual prosperity in Northeast Asia. Moreover, much discussion on constructing framework and measures for international cooperation and network in various fields is anticipated, particularly in the areas of security, ecology, civil society, and more.
- What is the peaceful and ecological value of the DMZ?
- With the cooperation of the international community for the peaceful and ecological conservation and utilization of the DMZ, how could the peaceful coexistence and mutual prosperity be fostered on the peninsular and Northeast Asian level?

코리아DMZ협의회는 2011년 제주포럼에서“DMZ의 평화ㆍ생태적이용ㆍ보전을 위한 국제협력”이라는 주제의 토론회를 개최합니다. DMZ는 정치, 군사, 경제, 환경, 문화 등 모든 분야에서 필연적으로 남북한의 상호 이해관계가 얽혀있는 지역입니다. 따라서 DMZ에서의 교류협력은 남북한 전체의 교류협력과 통일의 물꼬를 트는 중대한 의미를 가지고 있습니다. 코리아DMZ협의회는 이번 회의를 통해 분단의 상징으로만 알려져 있는 DMZ의 가치를 재평가하고 한반도 평화정착과 동북아 공동번영에 DMZ를 활용하는 방안을 논의하고자합니다. 특히 안보, 생태, 시민사회 등 다양한 분야에서 국제적 협력방안 및 네트워크 구성에 관해 논의하고자 합니다.
- DMZ의 평화ㆍ생태적 가치는 무엇인가?
- 어떻게 국제사회와 협력하여 DMZ의 평화ㆍ생태적 이용ㆍ보전을 통해 한반도 및 동북아차원에서 상생과 공영을 증진시킬 것인가?