10:50 ~ 12:10 제주특별자치도
Jeju Special Self-Governing Province
(실질적 지방분권과 민주주의 실현을 위한) 지역 언론의 역할과 활성화 방안
Local Press’ Role and Its Vitalization for Regional Community
Crystal Hall D
It is necessary to form public opinion through the media to solve conflict and make extensive prosperity in the common society.
However, if you look deep into the process in formation of public opinion, still the central-press leads and drives the major public sentiment formation in Korea,
In order to form the local issues to be referred into the community and make the consensus, Local press’role is highly emphasized. When the society neglects the local’s issues, it gets harder to accomplish the equally developed democracy through decentralization of power.
In this session, we focus on the Local press’ role and its vitalization for regional community to cope with the complexed-crisis era and to head for the sustainable peace.
Especially, in the diverse media milieu, we discuss local press’task allocation, and healthy competition to improve plans to solve social-imbalance, democracy, self-governing and equal development.
Also, we examine the meaning of the‘The Special Act on Assistance in Development of Local Newspapers’and the government’s result of policy and its tasks.

다양한 사회적 문제가 발생하는 현대사회에서 갈등을 해결하고 포용적 번영을 이루기 위해서는 언론을 통한 바람직한 여론형성이 필수이다.
그러나 중앙 언론 중심의 한국사회 여론형성 과정을 보면 여전히 수도권 중심의 중앙 이슈가 대부분이다. 지역이슈가 주민들에게 공론화되고 합의된 여론을 형성하기 위해서는 지역언론의 역할이 중요하다. 지역 이슈에 대해 소홀해지면 지방분권을 통한 균형발전이라는 민주주의 실현 목표도 이루기 어렵다.




[Panel]LEE IN

[Panel]CHOI Hyung Du

[Panel]KIM Chang Wook