At the forum, domestic and international participants from 60 sessions dealt with various issues ranging from international cooperation & security, economy & business, culture, gender, community development, and the environment, and had wide discussions on regional and global cooperation and challenges beyond the Asias paradox for new Asia. And the Trilateral cooperation Secretariat participated in the forum for the first time, organizing 3 concurrent sessions, and contributed to the Jeju Forums goal of peace and prosperity in Korea, Japan, and China. 

Host: Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, International Peace Foundation, East Asia Foundation, JoongAng Ilbo 
Organizer: Jeju Peace Institute

17:20 ~ 18:40
[2-D] Global Education and Jeju|글로벌 교육과 제주
Room D

Global education and educators have become more important in the globalizing era. Jeju has been growing as a center of the global education, and Jeju National University has established networks with universities across the world as well as with schools in Jeju Global Education City. This session discusses the global education and educator training with participants from Australia, the US, Jeju global education city, Jeju Office of Education, Jeju Development Center and Jeju National University.

글로벌 시대를 맞이하여 글로벌 인재를 양성하는 것이 매우 중요해지고 있습니다. 이에 글로벌 교사 양성을 중심으로 글로벌 인재를 효과적으로 양성하기 위한 방안이 무엇인지 깊이 있는 대화를 나누기 위해 호주 캔버라대학교, 미국 웨스턴오레건대학교, 제주도교육청, 제주영어교육도시, 제주국제자유도시개발센터, 제주대학교가 같이 모여 각자의 입장에서 생각하는 글로벌 교육과 인재 양성에 대해 다양한 논의를 전개해 보고자 합니다.

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