LEE Geunwook 이근욱
Sogang University
Professor 교수
서울대학교 외교학과 졸업 후 미국 하버드 대학에서 국제정치이론으로 박사학위(2002년)를 취득하였다. 2004년 이후 서강대학교 정치외교학과에서 국제정치학을 강의하고 있다. Security Studies, Cambridge Journal of International Affairs, Korean Journal of Defense Analysis 등에 논문을 게재하였다. 한국어 저서로 『왈츠 이후』,『이라크 전쟁』,『쿠바 미사일 위기』, 그리고 『아프가니스탄 전쟁』 등이 있다. 특히『이라크 전쟁』과 『쿠바 미사일 위기』그리고 『아프가니스탄 전쟁』은 대한민국학술원 우수학술도서로 선정되었다.

He graduated from Seoul National University and received a doctoral degree in government (international relations and security affairs) from Harvard University in 2002. Beginning in March 2004, Dr. Lee has been teaching international relations at Sogang University. He has published numerous articles in prestigious journals such as Security Studies, Cambridge Journal of International Affairs, and Korean Journal of Defense Analysis. Also, he has single-authored four books in Korean – After Waltz: Development and Changes in International Relations Theory after Kenneth N. Waltz, American War in Iraq: Invasion by Bush, Withdrawal by Obama, The Cuban Missile Crisis: Analysis into the Most Dangerous Moment of the Cold War, and the American War in Afghanistan: 20 Years after 9/11. In 2012, 2014, and 2022, Dr. Lee won outstanding research awards by Korea’s National Academy of Sciences for the research of the Iraq War –The American War in Iraq (2012), the Cuban Missile Crisis (2014), and the American War in Afghanistan (2022), respectively.